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PCO Badge/License Lost: Here is what to do 

If you have lost your PCO licence/badge, act thoughtfully instead of stressing out and go with the flow of this article. Here, you will find an easy way to reapply for your badge and start driving again.

Summary of Points

  • PCO licence/badge is essential to express that you are eligible to work as a driver in London.
  • Think about where you might have forgotten your licence reach out to those places.
  • If you don’t find your licence, report TfL and apply for a replacement.
  • Gather the necessary documents, including application form, utility bills/bank statement, passport-size photo, and medical report.
  • Submit comprehensive and well-organised documents with the application form to TfL.
  • Wait for 2-4 weeks and get your licence back.

Importance of PCO Licence/Badge

The licence is mandatory for PCO hire as it shows your eligibility for a driving job. You can experience penalties or heavy fines when driving a car in London without it. So, reapplying for a lost PCO badge is essential for driving legally.

Immediate Steps to Take Just After Losing Your PCO Licence/Badge

Go with the following steps just after knowing you lost your PCO licence.

  1. Be calm and retrace your steps. Reach out to the place you just passed through to find your lost licence.
  2. Contact TfL online and report that you have lost your badge. It is essential to avoid any misuse.
  3. Gather the documents that TfL demands for licence replacement. These may include:
  • Application form for licence replacement
  • Passport or driving licence
  • Utility bills or bank statement
  • A passport-size photograph

4.Visit the TfL site to know how much the licence renewal cost is.

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Get Your New Driving Licence

1. Get Registered with TfL

Request a renewal pack from TfL and get registered on its website. Get details from the TfL website. Registration is not required if you have an existing account. In this case, click on the link, sign up and move to the next step for replacing your lost PCO badge.

2. Follow Guidelines

Don’t click the “Apply as a New Driver” option because you are here to replace your lost licence. Click on “Yes” showing just below the “Existing Licence Holder” option. Then, find the Customer Reference Number on the renewal pack and fill in the given space.

Focussed Point: Provide the correct Customer Reference Number. It is better to choose the “Driving Licence” for easy processing.

Then, find the Licence Number in the renewal pack and fill in the form. Please be careful because many applicants confuse it with a DVLA Licence or Badge Number. Remember that they are different from the required Licence Number.

3. Apply for DBS

Now, apply for a DBS number following the PCO licence replacement process. Find the DBS application on the TfL website, fill out the form and submit it timely. Submit the renewal application without waiting for DBS certification.

If you are already a member of UBS Update Service, you will not face difficulties with DBS. You will only submit an Original Disclosure with the renewal application.

Note: Double check the information you have given on the application form to avoid delays or rejections.

4. Fill Out the Medical Declaration Form

Ensure that the TfL team can access your complete medical reports easily. Check the answers to all questions, signatures, dates, and surgery stamps for quick badge replacement. Visit your specialist if you need specific information to answer a particular question in the medical declaration form.

Expert Advice: Never go with prescriptions because TfL only accepts your medical report.

5. Upload Documents

Manage the required documents at one point and send them to TfL. Don’t submit incomplete and individual documents because it will only lead to rejection or delays.

Pro Tip: Use a scanner to avoid rejection or delay and submit comprehensive and well-organised documents.

6. Get a Perfect Photograph

No selfie, side clicks, blur or stained picture. The picture background must be clear. It should be your recent photograph. Your eyes should look straight into the camera focus, and your head should be perfectly captured from the top hair. Pictures with head coverings or eye-wearing are not acceptable.

Note: Head coverings are only allowed for religious purposes.

What to Do After Reporting Your PCO Licence Lost

The TfL takes a few weeks to provide a new driving licence. Act smartly during this duration. Keep a copy of the report you submitted to TfL. It proves that you have taken the correct step that everyone should take when he loses his licence. Also, never drive your car without a licence because you may face fines or penalties for driving without it.

Discover more insights in another article: How to Renew Expired PCO Driving Licence?

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You can’t drive a car in London without a PCO licence. It is illegal to get your vehicle on the road without it. If you do so, you will have to bear fines and penalties.
Don’t panic, and keep yourself calm. Reach out to the TfL website and report the issue. Also, apply for a new one immediately. It will help you to start driving within 2-4 weeks.
If you apply without a medical declaration, TfL will not accept your application and leave it without processing. It will increase your waiting time to get back on the road.

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