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Best Ride Hailing Apps in London for Drivers in 2024 

If you are already a driver or planning to become one for ride-hailing apps in London, choosing the best option is essential for an excellent experience. There are a lot of options when searching for London ride hailing apps. Which one is the best according to your priorities is the actual thing to understand. Let’s explore some top ride-hailing apps operating in London. The guide will help you explore multiple platforms for the car driving job and choose the best one according to their authority, policies, features and pros & cons.

Top Ride-Hailing Apps in London 

  1. Uber 
  2. Bolt 
  3. Ola 
  4. FreeNow 
  5. Green Tomato 
  6. Via 
  7. Addison Lee   
  8. Cab:app 
  9. Arro 

Here is a description of each! 

1. Uber 

In 2023, Uber generated £29.75 billion in revenue. It was 16% more than in 2022. £15.68 billion came from ride-hailing, and the rest was generated from freight and delivery services.   

Did you know that 45,000 drivers are registered with the Uber platform in London? The values show the worth of Uber among drivers. London is not the only place where Uber operates. It offers services in 70 countries and 10,000 cities.   

Here are some advantages and disadvantages of Uber for drivers. 



  • Highly spread user network     
  • Shortest waiting time     
  • Easily operatable app for drivers     
  • Desired pick and drop-off options    
  • Easily cash withdrawal feature     
  • £1.50 extra charges for Congestion zones    
  • Relatively high commission rate 
  • Sudden price fluctuations     
  • Following rules can be complicated     
  • Toughest competition    

Key Considerations

  • Pricing depends on the distance and duration
  • It takes a 25% commission
  • Bonuses depend on consecutive trips or leads

Vehicle Requirements for Uber

  • The vehicle should be under 10 years old
  • It should have 4 doors
  • It must pass a vehicle inspection
  • The cars shouldn’t have any damage or dent

Benefits for Drivers

  • Medical insurance coverage
  • Parental leaves added
  • Gym/fitness facilities
  • EV roadside assistance


Base Fare Per Mile  Per Mile Clean Air Free  Per Minute for Uber X Minimum Fare 
£2.10 – £2.60 £1.16 – £1.37 £0.15 £0.11 £4.30 – £5 

Car Categories Ready to Go with Uber

  • X
  • XL
  • Comfort
  • Green
  • Executive
  • Luxury
  • Assist or Access
  • Pet

2. Bolt

Bolt is the biggest competitor of Uber in Europe. Riders from 40 countries and 300 cities use Bolt to move from one point to another. However, its market cap is still lower than Uber. Here are some benefits and drawbacks of ride-hailing on Bolt!



  • Radius feature – shows rides between 0.6 – 5.3 miles   
  • Quickest pickup for passengers heading to the airport    
  • Weekly deposits   
  • Lower commission rate than Uber 
  • Riders are overcharged for letting drivers overwait  
  •  £1.50 extra charges for Congestion zones    
  • You can contact the police using the panic button in the app  
  • Lots of giveaways – bonuses, referrals, cash, and cars 
  • During certain hours, demand drops, resulting in longer waiting times.   
  • Constant improvements to app features cause instability.  

Key Considerations

  • Rates depend on distance and ride duration  
  • Bolt takes 10-20% commission 
  • Cancellation fee applicable 
  • Bonuses based on consecutive trips 

Vehicle Requirements for Bolt

  • The car model year should be after 2000  
  • The vehicle should have 4 doors   
  • It must have a Hackney licence   
  • The car should be in good condition   
  • It must have a well-functioning radio and music player  
  • The vehicle should be fully insured  



Base fare Per mile  Per minute for standard category  Minimum fare 
£2.75 £1.42 £0.13 £5.50 

 Car Categories Ready to Go with Bolt

  • Standard 
  • XL 
  • Electric 
  • Comfort 
  • Executive 
  • Luxury  

3. Ola

Somehow, Ola, one of the famous ride hailing apps London, is an alternative when Uber goes down. It is one of the biggest competitors of Uber in the UK, New Zealand, India, and Australia, offering services in 250+ cities. It almost stands on the same stage as Uber and Bolt but does not offer food delivery services. Following Bolt, Ola is also taking part in the green revolution and promoting EVs to reduce carbon footprints. Recently, Ola added motorcycles and auto-rickshaws for more economical options in India.

Hidden Fact: Tencent gave approximately £1 billion to Ola so that it can compete with Uber efficiently.

Explore the upsides and downsides of driving with Ola!
Pros   Cons  
  • Free Wi-Fi  
  • Zero charges for 6 weeks followed by competitive commission 
  • Guaranteed income programs for full-time drivers  
  • Daily payouts  
  • Contains a “Go to” feature to take a ride in your direction   
  • Limited earning due to high competition 
  • Some unstable features in the app 

Key Considerations 

  • Rates depend on distance and ride duration 
  • Ola takes 18% commission 
  • Cancellation fee applicable 
  • Bonuses based on accepted rides percentage  
  • Congestion charge compensation is £1 per trip into the CC zone    

Vehicle Requirements for Ola 

  • The car should be no more than 10 years old 
  • It should have 4 doors  
  • It must have at least 5 seats  
  • The vehicle must be PHV licenced  


Base fare 

Per mile  

Per minute for comfort category  

Minimum fare





Car Categories Ready to Go with Ola 

  • Executive 
  • Comfort 
  • Comfort XL 

4. FreeNow

FreeNow offers services in 100 cities in Europe. Its initial name was Kapten, but later, replaced with FreeNow. The company is the mix of mytaxi and Hilo, one of the leading ride hailing apps London. Recently, FreeNow launched e-scooters in London. Here are some perks and pitfalls of FreeNow. 




  • Welcoming gifts from the company   
  • Lower commission rate 
  • Around £20 extra during peak hours in starting weeks   
  • Referral bonuses    
  • £1 extra for the journeys through the CC zone  
  • Weekly deposits in 3 payments – bonuses, fares, and tips  
  • Weekly gift hampers for high-rated drivers  
  • Additional cleaning charges if a mess happens due to rider activities   
  • Limited customer base   
  • More waiting time due to low demand during certain times 
  • Limited earnings due to fixed fares  

Key Considerations 

  • Rates are fixed   
  • FreeNow takes a 15% commission  
  • Cancellation fee applicable  
  • Bonuses based on the number of trips  
  • Congestion charge compensation is £1 per trip into the CC zone     

Vehicle Requirements for FreeNow 

  • The car should not be more than 10 years old 
  • Should have 4 doors  
  • Must have at least 5 seats  
  • Should be PHV licenced  
  • No cosmetic damage and dents  
  • No commercial branding  
  • The car should be Zero Emission Capable  
  • Must align the standards of Euro 6 Emission  


Base fare 

Per mile  

Per minute for standard category  



£0.48 – £0.69 

Car Categories Ready to Go with Ola 

5. Green Tomato 

 It is the best ride hailing app London that really cares about carbon footprints and gas emissions. It is carbon-neutral, in fact, carbon-negative with zero CO2 emission.   

Here are some bright and dark sides of driving with Green Tomato! 



  • Only accepts corporate accounts 
  • Easy-to-operate app 
  • Instant support and route finders  
  • Flexibility to choose the ride  
  • £2.25 per job CC contribution  
  • Multiple bonuses in cash form  
  • Options to drive own car and full employment  
  • Extensive waiting time between two rides due to low demand 
  • No increase in fares rather than peak hours  

Key Considerations 

  • Rates depend on distance and time of the day  
  • 0% commission rate  
  • Cancellation fee applicable  

Multiple Bonuses Available 

  • Per week £50 in the form of a cash bonus – applicable after 15 peak-hours ride  
  •  £100 bonus after 25 peak-hours ride  
  • Zero Emission premium– applicable for specific EVs and PHEV rides   

Vehicle Requirements for Green Tomato  

  • The car must be PHV-licenced  
  • Must have valid MOT 
  • Should be fully insured  
  • Well-maintained good-conditioned  
  • Must have 4 doors  


Per Hour Peak Minimum  

Per Hour Off-Peak Rate 

Per Mile After Minimum Up to 25 Miles 




Car Categories Ready to Go with Geen Tomato 

  • Classic 
  • Executive  
  • Luxury 
  • People Carrier 
  • Zero Emission 

6. Via 

It is another option for ride hailing in London, initially known as ViaVan. The company is offering services in 20 countries and 400 cities to drive passengers to their destinations.   

It is the company that accompanied local transport authorities to improve the local and public transportation system. Besides this, it is an economical option that matches the requirements of multiple passengers who want to move to the same point and drive them in a single car.   

See the positive and negative sides of Via! 



  • Highly affordable   
  • Give drivers £316 bonus on sign-up  
  • Offers free car services  
  • 24/7 customer support   
  • Not a good option during pandemic because of group travelling  
  • Frequent updates result in instability 

Vehicle Requirements for Via

  • The car should be PHV licenced
  • Must not be older than 2010
  • Cars above the 2005 model are acceptable
  • Should have leather interior
  • Must be inspected by TfL
How Much Via Drivers Can Earn?

Via drivers can earn 160 GBP/day.

7. Addison Lee

It is one of the oldest ride-hailing companies in London- founded in 1975. The company provides private cars to passengers.  

Choosing Addison Lee is a good choice when one needs transport for business trips, causal rides, airport transfers, and A-1 rides.   

Most probably, the company is going to shine shortly as it has recently signed a contract with ComCab, the black taxi operator in London.   

8. Cab:app 

Operating in 90 locations in the UK, the Cab:app offers safe rides, accessibility, quality services, and convenience.    

It is a good option to start your ride-sharing career as the company offers drivers to become the co-owners of the firm taking benefit of the cashback profit share program.   

Furthermore, the Cab:app also gives customers cab:miles for rides on referring to friends and family members.   

Features of Cab:app  

  • Fixed rates for specific destinations   
  • Accessibility option for wheelchair or hair loss  
  • Cash and online payment modes   
  • 24/7 customer support 

9. Arro 

Just like other ride hailing apps London, Arro offers ride-hailing services in some cities, including London. More than 20,000 taxis are standing in the Arro fleet. The unseen truth is passengers can E-hail and E-pay with a button on the Arro app 

Simple Self Drive: Leading Uber-Ready PCO Cars Hire Company in London    

If you are looking for a PCO car hire to be used for any ride-hailing platform in London, Simple Self Drive could be one of the best options.  

Leveraging 20+ years of expertise and industry knowledge, we satisfy your needs, giving you excellent roadside assistance whenever you need our support. Including insurance, repair, and claims, we cover paperwork, making the process effortless.  

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Hackney licence is for Hackney Carriage drivers – commonly named Black Cabs in the UK. The permit is proof of the driver’s eligibility to give pick-and-drop services to passengers, satisfying the safety standards set by the local council.   

Remember, Uber does not accept Hackney licence. You must have a valid PCO licence to drive car with Uber. 

Uber is the best option to start a ride-hailing career in London. It offers the following benefits:  

  • Wide customer base    
  • Flexible working hours   
  • Excellent driver support    

Second, comes Bolt and Ola- the prominent competitors of Uber in London.

Uber stands at the #1 position when it comes to exclusive bonuses. It offers:  

  • High rates   
  • Referral bonuses   
  • Increased earnings during peak hours

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