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How to Renew Expired PCO Driving Licence?

If your PCO driving license is expired and you’re looking at how to renew it, this article can help you. We will discuss a complete process for PCO licence renewal.

Key Takeaways

  • Driving without a valid PCO licence is illegal in London.
  • You must apply for licence renewal on time– at least 2 months before expiry.
  • Submit complete documents when applying for licence renewal.
  • The total cost to renew your driving licence can fall around £380.

Why PCO Car Driving Licence is Essential?

PCO Driving Licence is also named as Private Hire Vehicle (PHV) Driver’s Licence. The only difference between both is PCO is for drivers, and PHV is for the cars.

Well, a PCO licence is a permit that allows you to earn money by driving a car using ride-hailing apps, such as Ube, Bolt, and FREENOW. The permit is granted by the Transport for London (TfL). A licence is essential to legally drive a car on the road. Whatever the ride-hailing app you choose, you must have a valid driving licence for this job.

1. Keep Checking the Deadline

Your PCO licence lasts for 3 years, showing you must keep checking its expiry date. If you forget, don’t worry. TfL sends you a reminder message 4-6 weeks before its deadline, helping you to renew your driving licence timely and keep earning your living. You can also set a reminder on your smartphone to renew your PCO licence timely.

2. Fill Out the Renewal Form & Submit it to TfL

TfL does not only send you a reminder but also provides a form to renew the PCO licence. As you have already passed through the licencing process, there will be no mess of paperwork this time. You just need to fill in the form and submit it to TfL promptly.

Mostly, the papers are already filled in. You only need to sign and send them back.Just ensure to thoroughly review the documents before signature. Also, take care of the following guidelines when renewing a PCO licence.

  • Sign the declaration after a thorough reading
  • Submit the renewal form before the expiry date of the current licence
  • Clear both licence and application fee with complete documents
  • Apply for a new Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check that remains valid for 3 months only
  • Give a complete medical report

How to apply for Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) Check

The form is essential to give proof that you are completely safe for the public. About the process – you only need to fill out the form and submit it online for the DBS check report.

PRO TIP : Enjoy a DBS update service for £13. It keeps your DBS certificate updated, eliminating the need for its renewal.

How to Get a Medical Test

Just make sure you are going with medical reports side by side.

PRO TIP: Pay the DBS and medical report fees together if both are due at the same time! 

Well, the Driver and Vehicle Licencing Agency (DVLA) has set some standards for PCO drivers. You must pass the Group 2 standards to show that you are completely fit for PCO renewal and ride-hailing services.

Now, see the process below!

  1. Complete the TPH/204 medical form
  2. Visit your family clinician
  3. Get his signature
  4. Submit the papers to TfL

3. Provide Your Recent Photograph

You must provide your recent photograph for PCO licence renewal. The picture you will provide must align with the TfL photograph standards.   

The photo you click must meet following criteria:   

  • Captured against a clear background  
  • Must be recent (last 12 months 
  • Must be sharp and clear  
  • Should be stain-free 
  • Must be a full photo (from the top hair to the bottom neck)  
Take a photo with the following guidelines:  
  • Do not cover your face with a mask  
  • Look straight into the camera’s eye   
  • Keep your eyes open   
  • Do not wear glasses   
  • No head coverings (allowed only for religious values)   

How Can You Renew the Expired PCO Licence?

Renew Your Expired PCO Licence in 6 Steps

1. Keep Checking the Deadline
2. Fill out the Renewal Form & Submit it to TfL
3. Provide Your Recent Photograph
4. Attend the Safeguarding Awareness Course
5. Submit Missing Papers
6. Pay for all Expenses

Let’s discuss them in detail!

4. Attend the Safeguarding Awareness Course  

TfL demands drivers to complete the safeguarding awareness training before applying for a driving licence renewal. It covers instructions on how to help kids and helpless adults who are exposed to some incidents. 

5. Submit Missing Papers

 TfL may add something new to paper requirements for driving licence renewal. Check its requirements and submit missing papers, if any. 

The documents must include: 

  1. Right to work check 
  2. HMRC certificate  
  3. TfL English test certificate  
  4. Medical form 
  5. A DBS check 
  6. Two recent photographs 
  7. Original licence 
  8. ID cards copy 

6. Pay for all Expenses 

Now pay £170 to proceed with your driving licence renewal application.   


Note: Remember to return your old licence within 7 days after it expires.   

How Much Does It Cost to Renew a PCO Licence 

Explore the table for total expanse breakdowns! 

PCO Licence Renewal Expense Breakdown 
Licence application fee £170 
DBS Check £52 (online) / £54 (paper)   
Medical test ~£80   
Post office check & send  £7.15 
English test £36 
SERU assessment  £36 

With English test submission through the post office, the licence total cost can fall around £380. You can save £10 by getting registered with the TfL website. It enables you to submit the application online and makes the TfL PCO renewal process easy.    

What If You Can’t Renew Your PCO Licence? 

Driving a car on Uber or any other ride-hailing platform is illegal without a valid PCO licence in London. It is mandatory to renew your licence before it expires. Otherwise, you cannot get your car on the road. Furthermore, your car driving career can shut down for at least 6 weeks. Likewise, if you leave your expired driving licence as it is for 3 months, the management will remove your data from the system. After that, you will have to repeat the registration process to get a driving licence. Remember that it is time-consuming.   

Penalties You Can Face If You Drive Without a Licence 

Please stop if you are driving without a licence. Authorities can take strict actions if they catch you doing so. The penalties you can bear include:   

  1. Up to £2,500 fine  
  2. Licence suspension 

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Renewing an Expired PCO Licence 

Many drivers make some common mistakes when applying to renew PCO licence. You must avoid them because the mistakes can lead to a costly and complicated process.   

Here are some common mistakes:  

  • Submission of missing documents   
  • Ignoring the training course   
  • Applying for renewal without research   
  • Ignoring deadline  

These mistakes do not only make the process expensive but can restrict you from driving the car and earning your living.   

When Should You Apply for PCO Renewal? 

Timely licence renewal is crucial. The process can take 3-4 weeks. Therefore, you should never wait for the deadline or the reminder from TfL. Apply at least 2 months before your driving licence expiry so that it does not affect your income source.

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The PCO licence lasts for 3 years. 

TfL can take 3-4 weeks to renew a PCO driving licence. Therefore, you must submit documents timely. Otherwise, you can experience issues regarding car driving.   

There are two conditions. DBS check cost is £54 if you apply through papers. However, in the second condition, which is an online application method, you will pay £52. Undoubtedly, it is not much in saving, but can save your time and make the processing easy.   

No. If you linger on your expired driving licence for 3 months, the TfL team will remove your data from the system. After that, you will have to repeat the complete process that you followed for the very first time.   

You must have the following documents for PCO licence renewal.  

  1. Right to work check 
  2. HMRC certificate  
  3. TfL English test certificate  
  4. Medical form 
  5. A DBS check 
  6. Two recent photographs 
  7. Original licence 
  8. ID cards copy 

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