Car accidents happen to plenty of people and are usually sorted in an orderly manner between the involved parties with little or no police presence.
However, there are in fact times you may need to report an accident. Below we detail where it is best to inform the police when a collision occurs.

Swapping details

Small scrapes when catching the bumper of the car in front as you move off at the lights or at a roundabout, may seem a somewhat small thing and you may not think too much of it
But failure to exchange details or report the incident to the police you could face repercussions further down the line.


If you fail to report the incident or exchange details at the scene, it could look like you’ve failed to stop. This brings up its own set of issues.

According to the police “failure to stop”, and “failure to report an accident” are two enforceable offences Both of these offences can incur points, a fine, or in the worst-case scenario, a prison sentence.

Car parks and petrol stations

The same rules apply to private property. If you are to accidentally scrape a door when pulling away, you must exchange details one way or another. If the driver is not around when this happens it is best to leave your details in a relevant place for the owner to find. People find under the windscreen most appropriate.

After this is always wise to report the incident to the police as you’ve not been able to physically exchange details.

In addition to the above, always remember when alerting the police, to use 111 if it’s not regarded as an emergency. If you suffer more than a scrape and need a replacement car. Ring our credit Hire team as a quote and we will repair your car and get you back on the road while you wait.

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