Toyota Prius+

Toyota Prius+

From £230/week

Toyota Prius+

The Prius+ provides multiple combinations of seating positions and loading possibilities. From seven people on board and typical school-run luggage to five seats and holiday cases. Or fold an additional middle row seat for a snowboarding trip, or even fold all five to fit two bicycles behind the front seats.

These versions of Prius+ further benefit from technology features that improve safety and contribute to smoother and easier driving. Both feature Toyota’s Pre-Crash Safety system, which is designed to help the driver avoid a collision, or to reduce the consequences should an impact happen. PCS uses millimetre-wave radar to scan the road ahead and determine the risk of an impact. When it senses a high collision risk, it warns the driver and prepares the brakes for optimum operation; if an impact is deemed unavoidable, it tightens the front seatbelts and activates pre-crash braking.

This system is provided together with Adaptive Cruise Control, which uses the same radar to monitor the distance from the vehicle ahead when driving in traffic, slowing the Prius+ down safely when required and returning to the pre-set cruising speed when the road is clear.

Parking is easier than ever with the provision of the latest generation of Toyota’s Intelligent Parking Assist. This will scan a viable parking space and provide automatic steering to guide the Prius+ into place (with the driver maintaining control of the brakes and throttle). The system can also help you exit from a tight parking space.





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