Frequently Asked Questions

Are there age limits on car hire?

All drivers must be a minimum of 25 years old.

What do I need to bring to hire a vehicle?

The items you will need to bring to a branch when renting from Simple Self Drive are:

  • A full driving licence has been held for at least two years.
  • Credit or Debit Card.
  • National Insurance Number.
  • Two proofs of address (Utility and bank statement).

Can I hire a car without a deposit?

A deposit is compulsory and will be discussed with you prior to you collecting your hire. The deposit is fully refundable depending on vehicle return and condition

What condition will my hire car be in when I pick it up?

Simple’s vehicles will be clean, smoke-free and roadworthy. Our cars will be personally inspected for any existing 'wear and tear' prior to you picking up your hire

How much does it cost to rent a car?

Our prices may vary, this is due to various factors such as vehicle size, vehicle make and availability.

Can I return and pick up the car after office hours?

Vehicles must be returned during branch business hours. Which are Monday to Friday 9:00 am to 5:30 pm

Are there any hidden charges?

There will be no hidden charges. Additional charges could account for damage, late returns, fuel, traffic violations and fine processing charges, but these will be explained to you prior to you picking up your vehicle.

Do cars come with insurance?

All our cars come with a fully comprehensive insurance plan.

What is the mileage limit?

Our vehicles have a 800 mile per week allowance, anything after that is charged, we also offer mileage add-ons to save you money!

How much petrol will the rental car come with?

We request the car is returned with the same amount of fuel you sign for it with. If a car is collected with less fuel than when it was delivered, then you may become liable for the fuel charges.

What Are The Costs Included?

The daily rate of the hire vehicle is inclusive of the hire agreement, and this varies according to the specific vehicle that has been provided to you. In the event of negligence or breach of your rental agreement, you may be liable for the full cost of any damage incurred to the vehicle. Charges will vary according to the damage incurred and the vehicle provided.


When Do I Have To Pay?

Whilst the charges accrued will be held in your name, Simple Self Drive will pursue the insurance company of the third-party driver to recover our costs. If you have deliberately misled Simple Self Drive with any information you have provided, you would be liable for our charges. Please note that this doesn’t relate to any damage or other charges incurred as per the above statement.

What Happens If The Hire Vehicle Breaks Down Or If There Is Any Damage To A Windscreen/Window?

All vehicles are covered with breakdown assistance. If the hire vehicle breaks down, please call us on 020 8471 5040 and advise us of the problem. We will then be able to advise you of who the cover is with and how to contact the provider.

Is There A Mileage limit On The Hire Vehicle?

No. All of our vehicles come with unlimited mileage.

How much petrol will the hire vehicle be delivered with?

We request the vehicle is returned with the same amount of fuel you sign for it with. If a vehicle is collected with less fuel than when it was delivered, then you may become liable for the fuel charges.

Will I Be Reimbursed For Any Excess Fuel I Return The Hire Vehicle With?

No, we do not offer refunds for excess fuel.

What Happens When I Need To Return The Vehicle To You?

We will come and collect the vehicle from you from a location convenient to you. We may contact you if we have been notified by your garage or insurance company you no longer need the car and arrange collection. We ask that you contact us as soon as you can once you know you no longer need our hire vehicle and we will make collection arrangements with you.

Will I Have To Pay The Excess On The Hire Vehicle If It Is Returned To You With Damage?

If the vehicle is returned to us with damage, we will contact you by phone or post to advise you of any payments due. If the damage was not your fault and the party at fault has been identified, we will advise you of how we will process the claim.

Do I Have To Pay For Any Congestion Charges/Toll Roads/Parking Tickets When I Have The Hire Vehicle?

Yes, whilst you have the hire vehicle you are responsible for these costs and an administration fee.

Are My Belongings Covered Through The Insurance If They Are left In The Hire Vehicle?

No – the insurance policy does not cover personal belongings left in the car.

Can I Cancel The Contract?

Yes – you have 14 days to cancel after requesting that the services to be performed. However, if you request that we perform the services before the end of this 14 day period the cancellation right no longer applies and you may become liable for a reasonable amount of hire.

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